How to get here


By train:

Direct TGV (High-speed) trains Paris-Arles (4h) or TGV Paris-Avignon or Nîmes + connection to Arles (2h40 + 30-40 minutes). Low cost trains (Ouigo) from Paris’ gare de Lyon and its outskirts (Roissy, Massy and Marne-la-Vallée). During summer, Eurostar runs trains from the UK to Avignon and Marseilles, where it is possible to connect to Arles (+40/50 minutes).

Mia Casa is a 20-minute walk away from Arles’ train station. The simplest route is to follow the banks of the Rhone river. This can be done on foot, or by Taco, a bicycle cab service that can transport you and your luggage, which you are advised to book (see Of course, it is still possible to take a cab, but the journey by car is longer, as the cars cannot go all the way along the docks. Moreover, there may not be a cab waiting at the station. To book one in advance:


By car:

Parking nearby, on the river banks (quai de la Roquette), boulevard Georges Clemenceau (note: restricted parking on Saturday morning), or avenue Sadi Carnot at the end of which, on the right hand side, there is a big parking.

Since April 2016, parking in the historical center and its immediate surroundings is paid-for, every day, from 9am to 7pm with prices ranging from 1 to 3 euros/hour. For free parking, please head place Gabriel Péri (10 min walk to us), place St Pierre (15 min walk) or to the train station parking lot (20 min walk but where it would be easier to find a spot).

By plane:

Arles is located 25km away from Nîmes airport, 65km away from Marseille-Provence airport, 35km away from Avignon airport and 72 km away from Montpellier airport. You may then continue your journey by public transport as Arles is well connected to each of these cities by bus or train.
From Nimes airport, a shuttle – whose schedule is coordinated with that of flights – can take you to Nimes’ train station from where there are frequent trains to Arles (travel time: 30 minutes).
From Montpellier airport, a shuttle bus can take you to the tramway station “Place de l’Europe”, which serves Montpellier’s train station where you can hop on a train to Arles (travel time: 50 minutes).
At the airport Marseille-Provence, a shuttle will take you to the airport station where you could hop on a direct train to Arles (travel time: 40 minutes). Buses and trains can also easily take you to Marseilles’ train station from where there are regular trains to Arles (travel time: 50 minutes).

Mia Casa