Author & Artist Residency

There are the locations, ideal for inspiration and creation: our studios decorated after van Gogh paintings, in the heart of the historic centre of Arles, a major centre for art and culture.

There are also our values: openness to others, while respecting them and in a spirit of sharing.

We are committed to helping authors and artists, as well as anyone wishing to develop their creative potential. As authors and artists ourselves, we understand these needs, and our assistance can eventually lead to the writing of a text highlighting a work, or help with the organisation of an exhibition, possibly at Mia Casa’s art studio.

Many institutions have then placed their trust in us, and we are also delighted to welcome individual, self-financed residencies.

If you are interested in staying at Mia Casa as part of this initiative, please contact us for more information.

Van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles. Oil on canvas painted by Van Gogh in Arles in 1888.

Non-exhaustive list of past residencies:

2010-2023: Oyvind Hjelmen & Helen Petersen, photographers, Norway. Artists residency. Mia Casa has been their playground since 2010. Barring unforeseen circumstances, they stay there every year. The place is a source of inspiration for Oyvind, and a number of images taken at Mia Casa feature in his artist’s books. We also had the pleasure of exhibiting Helen’s work at Les Arlésiennes – les Rencontres photographiques de celles que l’on ne voit pas (2020), organised by and held at Mia Casa. Helen’s work was also exhibited at the Galerie Depardieu, in Nice, in October 2023; Mia Casa director Delphine Dewulf then wrote a text highlighting Helen’s work.

2023, for the Arles media library: Marc Graciano, Switzerland. Among other works, author of Liberté dans la montagne (2013), Le Soufi (2020) and Johanne (2022). Author residency.

2023, for the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie: Denis Valery Ndayishimiye, a young photographer from Rwanda. Artist residency.

2022, “Feathers to Wings”, hosting a small group as part of a creative retreat led by Anthony Epes and Crista Cloutier.

2022, hosting a small group for Arts Immersions with artists Catherine Richards, Leah Tinari and Kelli Anderson.

2022, in partnership with Bahman Panahi, Iran. Hosting a small group for a calligraphy workshop; sensitive exploration of the city of Arles.

2022, for the city of Arles: Jules Milhau, a young French painter. Delphine Dewulf, director of Mia Casa, will write a text about his exhibition at the Archbishop’s Palace. Artist residency.

2021, for the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie: Pamela Tulizo, Democratic Republic of Congo. Dior Prize for photography and visual arts for young talent. Pamela’s residency will have given her the opportunity to work on a project on the Venus d’Arles developed by Mia Casa. Artist residency.

2020, for Princes production: Karoline Rose Sun, singer and actress, during the shooting of “Tom Medina”, a film by Tony Gatlif, and during confinement. We thank her for her clip shot in our Orient flat. Artist residency.

2018, for Cities At Dawn: hosting a group of photographers for a workshop held by Anthony Epes.

2017 and 2018: in partnership with Campus France, for the Agence Nationale des Grands Projets pour la Culture, Algeria, and  the city of Arles. Several residencies for a group of architects studying the similarities between the historic centre of Arles and the Kasbah of Algiers in terms of the restoration of built heritage. Architecture residency.

2016 and 2017: for the Musée Départemental de l’Arles Antique and the Getty Foundation for the Arts. Several residencies for a group of archaeologists and heritage restorers from Algeria, Egypt and Lebanon. Archeology residency.

2012-2013, for the Théâtre d’Arles, as part of the Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture programme, hosting companies in writing residency.

2011, for the city of Arles, in partnership with the Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, Moussa Sakho, painter, Senegal. Artist residency.